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measures your interest rate and currency risk and gives you strategies to optimize your funding costs.
- More than 15 years of experience    in the capital markets.
- Our clients' assets exceed US$67.5    Bill.
- Our clients have a total yearly    income of US$8.9 Bill.
- Our clients sell over US $45.6 Bill.
In a matter of minutes evaluate your balance sheet risk profile and make financially optimal decisions.
- Ecopetrol
- Café de Colombia
- Grupo Carvajal
- Grupo Pantaleon
- PricewaterhouseCoopers
- Terpel
- Bancolombia
- Grupo Aval
- Fiduciaria Corficolombiana
Through computational methodologies and applied mathematics, measures the effect on your company of currencies and interest rates, giving you the insight you need to optimize your capital structure, decide how to fund your operations and avoid unnecessary risks in your balance.
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