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generates thousands of portfolio combinations taking into account your asset selection and constraints.
- More than 15 years of experience    in the capital markets.
- Our clients' assets exceed US$67.5    Bill.
- Our clients have a total yearly    income of US$8.9 Bill.
- Our clients sell over US $45.6 Bill.
In a matter of minutes generate an efficient frontier with thousands of investment portfolio combinations so you can optimize your risk vs. return relationship.
- Ecopetrol
- Café de Colombia
- Grupo Carvajal
- Grupo Pantaleon
- PricewaterhouseCoopers
- Terpel
- Bancolombia
- Grupo Aval
- Fiduciaria Corficolombiana
Through computational methodologies and applied mathematics, generates an efficient frontier for defined asset classes and constraints over a specific term, giving you the insight you need to optimize your investment portfolio.
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